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Spokane Valley Paving Pros focuses on commercial asphalt paving services for businesses throughout Spokane Valley. Whether your business requires a new commercial parking lot installation or if you require an installation for a commercial driveway, we do it all. Reliability and affordability are values we hold close, you can trust us to get the job done right.  

Commercial Asphalt Paving Services in Spokane Valley  

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Our commercial asphalt paving services cover a wide variety of options. Whether you have a driveway you need paved, sealcoating services your asphalt could use, or simply a few minor asphalt repairs, we can do it all.  

Driveway Paving  

We specialize in commercial driveway asphalt paving services. Don’t let your driveway fall into disarray. Instead, choose Spokane Paving Pros to support your driveway to make sure it always looks its best. Give us a call to learn more about our driveway paving services.  

Parking Lot Paving  

Does your asphalt parking lot require some repairs? Parking lot sealcoating, parking lot resurfacing, and new parking lot installations are our specialty and we make sure your commercial property is always in its best condition.  

Specialized Commercial Paving  

Whether you have a golf course that requires asphalt repairs or if you need someone to install your basketball asphalt court, we have your back. Contact us for a free paving estimate for your specialized commercial paving services.  

When you’re ready for a free commercial paving quote from our dedicated paving company, contact us for a free quote. We are always happy to help.  

Commercial Paving Contactors for Asphalt Repairs & More  

Asphalt Paving and Crack Sealing  

We provide asphalt paving and crack sealing throughout Spokane Valley, WA. If you need support for your private roadways or property, our crack sealing services and paving are perfect.  

Site Evaluations  

It is important that your asphalt paving is done correctly the first time. That’s why we perform site evaluations to ensure that your property looks its best all year long. We have years of experience and are happy to offer you a high quality paving estimate.  


We perform striping commercial paving services for businesses throughout Spokane Valley, WA. Good line striping is important for creating direction for your parking lot and your clients. A poor layout can cause more serious issues. We prevent that by offering the best striping services in the city.  

Spokane Valley, WA offers premium quality commercial asphalt paving services. Our team is dedicated to offering you affordably priced commercial paving services throughout the area. Give us a call for your free estimate.  

Driveway Paving for Commercial  

At Spokane Paving Pros, we offer commercial driveway paving services that are affordably priced. As a dedicated commercial driveway paving team, we repair and maintain your driveway to the highest standards. Contact us for a free commercial driveway quote.  

Commercial Driveway Resurfacing in Spokane Valley  

As your go-to commercial driveway experts in Spokane Valley, we are dedicated to repairing your asphalt to the highest standards. That’s why we offer resurfacing services throughout Spokane Valley. Resurfacing is a time-consuming process, but we get it done as quickly as possible.  

Sealcoating for Commercial Businesses  

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Sealcoating is ideal for any asphalt surface. It is a good idea to sealcoat your surface to protect it from the elements and traffic. Our dedicated team of paving contractors offers high quality commercial sealcoating when you need it in Spokane Valley.  

For all your commercial paving needs in Spokane Valley, turn to Spokane Valley Paving Pros. We are experienced, reliable, and affordably priced. Contact us today to get your free paving estimate.